Fund Raising Events

BigComedyUK events are an established way of giving your supporters a great night out whilst enabling you to raise much needed funds for your Charity, School or Club.

During Coronavirus Lockdowns we have developed our events even further to provide that much needed income to struggling organisations. Our Zoom Comedy Bingo nights have proved invaluable to a number of local and national charities helping them fill the fund-raising void with a fun family night that not only entertains, but keeps your supportersĀ  engaged and motivated.

At Your Place - Fund Raising Events

Disco Bingo

The absolute ultimate party night out! Our Bingo Nights Disco Bingo is the night to remember. Do you want a 50’s High School party where Grease is the Word or do you want a wild Ibiza night under the stars? Our bingo party nights bring you a zany bingo caller and a top rated DJ to make this the party night of the year.

The whole experience is brought to your venue, full light show, top rated disco, comedy bingo caller all for a fixed one-off cost. You provide the prizes and add anything else you want, raffles, auctions, extra fund-raising, it’s down to you.
Check out our dedicated Bingo Nights website for more information and pics.
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Comedy Bingo

Comedy Bingo, a favourite for PTAs, Charities and Social Clubs. This tried and tested format helps your fund-raising nights really deliver. Although not as wild and wacky as Bingo Nights, we can still guarantee a night of good wholesome fun, excitement and a decent game of bingo. We come to you with our sound system and bingo machine. You invite your guests, sell your tickets and get the prizes. We charge a fixed price for the evening so everything you make on top of what you pay us is yours. Comedy Bingo is suitable for all age groups and so is ideal for family evenings, charity events and school fund raisers.
Further information is available on our dedicated website
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Online Fund Raising Events

Zoom Comedy Bingo

Developed specifically to fill the fund-raising void during Lockdowns. Our tried and tested fun-filled sessions can cater for up to 98 households all playing hilarious Bingo sessions with prizes and music. We tailor the session to your exact requirements. Our sessions are suitable for all ages and we will include raffles and auctions on request. Visit our dedicated Comedy Bingo site for further details,

You can send BigComedyUK a contact message for more information by clicking here