Online Events

Another new innovation from BigComedyUK – Online Team events.

Working from home presented many new problems. Team building and keeping in touch with your colleagues was no longer just a case of popping up to a meeting room or bumping into colleagues over lunch.

BigComedyUK have developed a number of options for teams to use to get together informally.

Whilst many of us have now returned to normal working, organisations have found that virtual get togethers can be cost effective and a really useful tool when your work force is spread around the country.

An Audience With…

Our Audience With nights have already proved a great success. An informal night with a celebrity can provide that much needed contact between your colleagues. Who could resist meeting and chatting with a legend of sport or a show-business star?

BigComedyUK do all the work, we interview the Celebrity with video clips of them at work followed by a QandA session for you and your teams to get to know the real person behind the name. We can even throw in an online live fun Bingo session to get the ball rolling.

Comedy Workshops

The ultimate confidence and team building exercise. Small groups work online alongside an experienced stand-up comedian to produce individual routines to present to their colleagues in a gala show at the end of the event. Organised over 4 – 6 sessions the participants will learn presentation skills, story telling and timing. This is not about telling quick fire gags, this is confidence building and presentation using people’s own real life stories and experiences.

Comedy Bingo

A fun night from our living room to your living room playing the game that everyone knows the rules to. Participants are emailed their cards and the game is run by our in-house comedian using a traditional bingo ball machine. You provide the prizes and we provide the fun. Make it a real party night as a reward for your people. Why not have food and drinks delivered direct to every home ready for the night? Have a fancy dress theme, involve their families, it’s a game for everyone to play with music and laughter throughout.

Online events are available across all platforms and provide an amazingly cost effective solution to a problem that we are only just beginning to realise exists.

BigComedyUK, the organisers of Southport Comedy Festival and Chester Comedy Festival have access to a host of sporting stars and celebrities who can provide a relaxed fun evening for your corporate teams.

Join the many companies who have already found that a BigComedyUK Online Event provides that vital link to keep their people engaged and included. If you have people working from home you already have everything you need to join in on one of our BigComedyUK Online Events.