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Big Comedy Workshops

A thousand people were asked what they feared most in life, the most common answer was public speaking, the second most common answer was death!

Is it really that bad? We agree that the thought of standing alone with three hundred people staring at you and only a microphone to keep you company does sound very daunting.

Don’t worry because by the time you reach that stage you will know exactly what you are going to say and how you are going to say it. You will know how to stand, you will know how to breathe and most of all you will know how to make people laugh and trust us, they will!

You will be tutored by professional comedian Brendan Riley who has over twenty years experience behind him. He will pass on all of the skills and techniques needed to write, perform and importantly, enjoy a solo stand-up comedy routine.

In the space of six weeks you will learn:-
Joke Development
Creative writing
Memory skills
Comedy timing
Dealing with nerves
Dealing with the dreaded heckler

The workshop programme will finish with a showcase at a Big Comedy night to an invited audience.

As well as the six week workshop programme, Big Comedy also offer taster sessions - one day workshops for businesses and individuals.

Listen to the experiences of Nicola Gilroy, BBC Lincolnshire presenter, recorded during the weeks in which she attended one of Brendan Riley's Comedy Workshops at Lincoln Comedy Festival.


We can also tailor workshops to suit your individual or corporate requirements.

All of our workshops have been proven to improve confidence, communication, presentation and memory, vital skills that empower you in your workplace and everyday life.

"I thoroughly enjoyed the comedy workshop and although I am a professional performer, I've never had to rely on my memory before. This course really helped me tackle a bad memory and gave me the confidence to put those skills to the test. Bren was a joy to work with, always positive, enthusiastic and helpful. Couldn't recommend the course highly enough” - Nicola Gilroy Presenter BBC Radio Licolnshire

"The comedy course along with Bren's teaching has helped me to unlock my inner comedian. I would recommend the course to anyone with an interest in learning not only more about comedy but more about themselves and how they see the world around them."  - Georgie Sweeney

"The Comedy workshop is a chance to unlock a unique experience. With a supportive and enjoyable atmosphere, I feel I was able to present a short stand up routine that I could be proud of. It helped me build confidence and further my enthusiasm for comedy. I have made friends and knowledge that just a few weeks ago I could not have dreamed of." - Simon Gibbs

"Brendan did a fantastic job from start to finish with the Stand Up workshops and it was a pleasure to have him run the course. He took it upon himself to pick the mix of the group as it was oversubscribed, and was there for each of the participants throughout to help and advise along the way.  The feedback from those taking part was excellent and having seen first-hand how Brendan took a group of people, most of whom had never stood in front of a group to speak before, to them performing 5 mins of material at a gig in front 120 people 5 weeks later, I can only recommend anyone considering the course to either take it or hire Brendan to run it."
Shaun Almey – Director Lincoln Comedy Festival

If you want to find out more please contact us through the contact page.